lzrswm 2003

  1. Zed Roesler

  2. : ARTIST, Illustrator

  3. Student at MICA

  4. Illustration,
    Sequential Arts,

Hockee(하키) T-Shirt Design
Digital. Fall 2023

Troll Bridge (Neil Gaiman) Book Cover
Digital. Fall 2023

Editorial Spread
Digital. Fall 2023

The Utburd
Digital. Fall 2023

Lenne & Hiiden Hirvi (Finnish Mythology)
Digital. Spring 2023

Clover the Cat (TabbyTalks)
Digital. Summer 2022

Sea Turtle Kirlia
Digital. October 2023

What is a PNGTuber?
PNGTubers are a type of VTuber
who use 2D PNGs as their virtual avatars. The avatar characters are often drawn with several emotions and talking animations for reacting to content and use sound-reactive software to make it appear as if they're talking throughout the video.

TODAY Digital, Accordion Book. Spring 2024

Bunny Digital. Fall 2023

The Red Gyarados Digital. Fall 2023

Getting Ready! (Rat & Rabbit) Riso. Spring 2023

Global Rabbits Digital. Spring 2024

Tarot Cards Gouache. Spring 2023

The Life Cycle of a Rabbit Ink. Fall 2022

The Rabbits' Anatomy Lesson
Referencing The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrant.
Crayon & Acrylic Paint. Fall 2022

Digital. Fall 2022